Monday, January 3, 2011


My children are nearly as tall as I am now.  When they were little I would bend down to their level to hear and be heard.  
Ps 40 
"I waited patiently for the LORD; He inclined unto me and heard my cry"  
God, my promise keeping daddy bends Himself to me.  First on a cross while I was yet His enemy, and now as His child. Though He could comprehend my troubles from a far He has come to interface, embrace, and lift me out of the miry clay.  
So many choices to make, so many pro's and con's.  I can feel like a ping pong ball, I can forget His character, His promised provision. When I do, I loose hope.  
Waiting on Him is to trust in His character.  Waiting isn't something I do in my own strength but something I do as a result of remembering what He is like.  "Waiting" isn't  a passive couch potato word singing "Que Sera, Sera [whatever will be will be)"  It is a quieted heart that stops trying to manipulate circumstances.  It is to resign from the illusion that we can control the outcome of the future.  It is an agreement that I am inadequate.  It is a heart attitude that eagerly waits and hopes and leans into God who is able, more than able to handle long term whatever concerns me today! 
Waiting on God is connected to my hope.  It is a continual choice to be made by me.  It enables me to be at peace even if the outcome is not the comfortable one I desire.  It enables me to breath and be open to being led instead of forging my own way through the wilderness or being paralyzed by fear.
Trusting, resting, waiting on Him is the comfort and peace we think we are looking for when we want God to resolve our issues according to our will instead of His own.  Our unstable ways and life are exchanged moment by moment with His life as we trust Him.  I need this great exchange!  There is altogether too much of me operating as is made evident by my rampant emotions.  Thank God for emotion, balanced emotion and out of whack emotions which are for me an engine warning light asking for course redirection and God focusedness!

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