Sunday, January 2, 2011

Overcoming PeRfeCtioNisim to write

I have wanted to begin a blog for a while now. All that stands between me and the blank page is me. I want to write the "right" first story. I want to introduce my title and tell you why I chose it. I want the "right" template that artistically represents me, and on and on. When I am not thinking about how the layout and story can be perfect I am wondering if it's ok that I am not perfect. And do I have the courage to actually write that...It rates close to standing in the nude in front of strangers.
For sometime I have felt that God has asked me to NOT hide behind a variety of masks that say's what you think other's want to hear. There are so many people out there that will answer “fine” wearing their plastic smiles while inside a battle rages. I don't think you should have to fight alone.
I am a growing worshiper of the living God, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, woman. For years I have lived with a different normal in the area of health. Only now as symptoms persist and interfere drastically with my daily life does the light bulb come on. It is messy to be human. For me there is a lot to process. Though there are few in my life who can comprehend my battle, I do have a handful of people who live with me according to knowledge. They support and feed my walk with God, they listen without judgement, and they bless me by sharing their messy journey.

So here I am pouring out my heart to God, sorting through the good the bad and the ugly.

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