Friday, March 4, 2011

How To Handle What Is Broken...

Bones can break and Bones can be mended; X-ray's are taken to pinpoint the visible fracture, physical casts are applied, healing begins, and with time; restoration.

Often a season of healing can be restrictive, painful.

Emotional brokenness, you cannot put your hands on it, but you can feel the turmoil reach into your gut, unsettling.

The hands clutch the chest to support a broken heart, though the physical heart is whole.

We are all acquainted with the weight of fear and guilt. We labor under their load.

Emotions...We feel the unseen. 

The unseen sinews pulled out of place and disjointed. 
 If we could, we would, with finite hands, surgically remove painful emotions. 
Perhaps that is why they remain invisible. We would surely bleed to death trying to cut ourselves free.

Don't we run towards things that make us feel good, even unto sin and harm? Why as sure as we would cut out the bad emotions, we would undoubtedly gorge ourselves with the good ones unto sickness. 

Balance speaks of having a season for everything, of taking the good and easy from God's hand as well as the bad and hard He has allowed.

Emotions are temperature gauges; God given... 

They speak of order and disorder. They let us know when it is time to clean house and give thanks.

The x-ray of man's emotions are the lamp of his eye and his countenance. And like bones, they can be mended. They are mended by the word of God, time and the Holy Spirit. 

The word of God divides between soul and spirit..
Words unseen wrap themselves around and penetrate through the ungraspable. They comfort. They mend. 

It takes practice to apply truth...Practice takes time...

It takes intimate fellowship with God to endure the time.

It takes God in other's to encourage the seemingly unencouragable...

Everyone stretched... and hopefully matured...

Sufficient grace and available peace in the storm.

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