Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Giving Thanks For the Hard....

Is giving thanks possible without the hard things? Or is it really giving thanks at all? Are we really under submission when it is easy to obey and the course charted out for us is appealing and enjoyable?

I feel my deepest gratitude is born from opposition and grey clouds. Thankfulness costs.
For me, it costs my life, my perspective, my faith.

Being thankful for hard things and hard times is HARD!

I am required to step out into the darkness, the unknown, clinging to the FACT that though I cannot see the earth, when I lift and lower the foot, it will be there to support me. My Heavenly Father is my earth, the ground beneath my feet. He is there to support me.

Had I not been through my own pruning would the birds nesting in my newly pruned barren tree excite me? Life took up residence and found shelter amongst the brokenness. And through it I found joy inexpressible!

Could I enjoy His word had it not been such a necessity?

Could I be as thankful for the warmth of the sun pressing hard into me If I had never suffered with freezing temperatures?

Would I ever bend the knee to God's grace had I not known the devastating depth of my own capacity for sin?

Would I ever want to be tender towards the left out, the problematic, the rejected, had I not walked in their shoes?

Lord you are a safe place to sort through life. And I thank you for those you have given me that love me despite me, despite the mess, without judgement. They have had their fair share of cry baby messages. They have let me lean in... They have comforted...They remind my of your word, of you.

You love me through them...You tell me I am ok...I keep going....

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