Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Gift Of Words, The Gift of Self

Just when I was feeling all alone, God lifts me up to see that encamped all around me are others...Others with needs of their own and others who are willing to get a little dirty...

Most likely they see their simple actions and attitudes of care as nothing, but their prayers and kind words steady me for the ongoing battle.

God touches the hearts of people...people climb out of the wood work. Old friends, new friends all to bestow Grace. Simple words, words of blessing, words of concern; prayers for me.

Words wrapped as gifts and given at just the right time. I do NOT want to camp at lake pity party, but I make occasional stops there. It is a waste land. It profits me nothing...I read and read and read. I listen, I study, I write my way through the suffering, but the gifts that are given when we give ourselves to others is like nothing we can do for ourselves...

Lord help me to remember the gifts and shared strength..And Lord I beg of you to not let me pass up the opportunity to share words of life with others as you reveal the need!

Thank you all who have ever, or will in the future care about me and mine! You made all the difference in the world!

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