Saturday, April 2, 2011

God; The Essential Part Of Coping With Any Difficult News

There is great potential, to initially swallow, hook, line, and sinker what the physician says. It is true of any shocking news or tragedy, the cold hard facts are served up on a platter and we force feed the HARD down into the depth of us... We regurgitate and chew the sour facts for a time, indigestion...upset...

The initial diagnosis/proclamation over us can feel like a banner of doom, a symbol of forever. The missing ingredient; God and faith.

As a believer, this world does not get my forever.

Bad News must be seasoned with faith. 
God is not surprised by this difficulty or my response to it. 
He knows all the facts. 
My life, ALL my life is written in His book. He is in control of the outcome. He is trustworthy because He IS good, loving, righteous and all powerful.

Fear spends all its time imagining every possible scenario and solution. We think it is up to us to live this "new normal." 
We can only think as far as our own strength.
No wonder we get balled up, desperate fearful and bitter...

Faith is resting in the fact that God will make a way. Has already made a way!

I go through this process with every Dr's visit...The duration that it takes me to apply God and faith is becoming shorter...I guess like all things, it too takes practice..
How would we practice and grow in faith without trial?! 

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