Saturday, April 2, 2011



The eldest son of my heart recently had the opportunity to participate with a church team doing odd service jobs around town. From painting to yard work he got his hands dirty and poured sweat for those who could not do it themselves. He was blessed in blessing others...

The last job his team was assigned to was at a christian concert event...Bands, dirt bikes and the like. He helped set up and pass out flyer's. Before he left, his daddy went to the ATM to get him food money.
Uriah ignored hunger to buy a shirt. Wise boy! He said, “food wouldn't last but a shirt would.” 
At least a little while longer...
It's a black and white of Jesus and Peter walking on the water. 
The picture depicts the part of the story where no boat can be seen. 
Just Jesus, some crashing waves and Peter.

Peter, waist deep in the waves of broken focus took his eyes off of the One that sustains him. 
At the bottom of the shirt, in scrolling letters, it says “RELIANCE.”

I have lived the zealot, running forward, diving in, loaded with expectation of the end result, and
pushing headlong into something I thought I could control only to find water pooling around me. 
My attention fixed on murky waters. 
Me Sinking lower and lower. 
I hate sinking...sinking is the mirror that shows how much of me is really operating. 

Knowing the true nature of me though humbling, is my way to Him. 
It is what makes failure useful in His economy.
It is the instrument that has potential to draw me to Him. 
When I am a breaking, sinking ship I call out to Him.
My priorities change, my gaze alters...
I am empty of the ability to pull myself up by the bootstraps.
When I am empty of me, there is space.
A starving dehydrated man can become sick if He gulps and slurps...It's too much
He fills my cup to overflowing and bids me drink sips at a time...
It is God who places my feet upon the rock. 
Stability within Him, 
Reliance upon Him.

I love the rescue
God has not made it hard for us to come to Him, to trust Him...
If anything, He has consumed the hardest part to clear a path for us unto peace.

Obedience requires reliance 
Rest requires reliance. 
Love and kindness requires reliance...
Hardships, sufferings, relationships, LIFE, they all require reliance upon God.
It takes reliance on Him to deal with what I am without condemnation...
It takes reliance on Him to know that I am growing despite what I see...
It takes reliance to entrust others to Him...

He is trustworthy...Life IS hard, but He is trustworthy.

Knowing intimately, with certainty that Gods character is continuously faithful, good, all knowing, kind, loving, and all powerful enables our reliance. Reliance is based on facts not wishes...We are not "hoping" for assistance but rather we know we have His presence, His attention, and His provision in every instance no matter how large or how small.

Reliance...A practice of looking to my Father who is able. 
To no longer live under the assumption that I am capable of handling even the smallest of thing on my own.  I can do nothing without Him! 

Reliance is a word for all seasons, all struggles.

Being sick has afforded me countless opportunities to cast myself and all situations upon God.

It is not a perfect practice. I walk on water, sink, then get bailed out of murky waters by truth. The truth sets free.

I keep walking forward reliant on Him...

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